Asset Management

Cannabis is the biggest investment opportunity since the dot-com boom of the turn of the century. Investors of all varieties are starting to look at marijuana as less of a stoner’s fad and more of a serious business venture. Though promises of profit have lured entrepreneurs to marijuana, making money has proven anything but easy for many.  Budding Equity Asset Management has the experience, insight and know-how to navigate complex regulations and cultural changes that can separate those who make it from those who don’t.

Current Strategies:

The Emerging AgroSphere Index is a diversified index comprised of publicly traded securities that are either drivers or suppliers of the medically oriented cannabis industry.  The index, which is rebalanced quarterly, looks at universe of securities which includes the driver companies that are principally engaged in the production, distribution, technology, research, or consumer discretionary and supplier companies that derive a portion of their revenue from the medical cannabis industry.

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